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What We Offer

Our Job Is To Make You MOVE Better

New Patient Evaulation


1 hour Visit

We take the time to perform an in-depth, comprehensive history with thorough orthopedic and neurological testing.  We then perform an analysis of posture and specific movement patterns in order to create an individualized treatment plan that suits your needs and meets your goals.

This is followed by a full treatment session that includes soft tissue therapy and an optional chiropractic manipulation.

Our complete approach to evaluating new patients allow us to address your symptoms, as well as identify the root cause of your issue.

Follow Up Visit

30 minute Visit

A continuation of your individualized treatment plan.  We utilize myofascial release, instrument assisted soft-tissue mobilization, stretching, chiropractic manipulation, among other techniques to relieve your symptoms and continue your progress.

Here we will work toward correcting malalignments and compensatory patterns that are causing you to experience pain.

Sports Injury

Functional Movement Screen

Personal Trainer Stretching Session

1 hour Visit


The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is an analysis of your movement patterns through seven different motions that represent what your body goes through on a daily basis.

This screen identifies imbalances, weaknesses, restrictions, and faulty movement patterns that can be causing pain.  Those without specific pain can also benefit from this screen, because the FMS will identify underlying issues that you don't know about, yet.

We will use this screen to create an corrective exercise program to address your specific dysfunctions and compensatory patterns that were identified.

Corrective Exercise Visit

30 minute Visit

A continuation of your individualized exercise program.  These sessions will focus on a progression of strengthening weaknesses while mobilizing restrictions.

These sessions are 1-on-1, we put an emphasis on movements being performed correctly so that you know how to continue proper movement when you leave our clinic.

Corrective exercise can help reset imbalances, restore proper movement, improve athletic performance and strength, and prevent injury.

New Patient
Follow Up
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